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Brandon Baruch

Los Angeles Native


I am an experimental light designer specializing in theater, opera, dance, and live event. I cut my teeth as a teenager, stage managing and programming lights for plays on Hollywood Theatre Row, then received my BA in Theater at Occidental College, where I studied lighting design, playwriting, and directing. While based in Los Angeles, I have worked all throughout California, as well as in New York, Chicago, and around the country. In 2017, I made my European design debut in Wrocław, Poland.

My favorite thing about light is that it exists unknown to the eye until a person or object passes through it. I strive to create fully dimensional fields of light rather than painted stages.

My second favorite thing about light is that the human eye has 541 million years of evolutionary history, and yet our brains are still barely equipped to figure out what the heck we're looking at. When I design, I like using qualities of light to evoke an atavistically emotional response from my audience—Lizard Brain Lighting.

My third favorite thing about light is mirror balls.


Occidental College Class of 2007

2021 Ovation Award Winner - Best Lighting Design

Résumé available upon request.

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